Commercial Interior Design

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You can upgrade your business space with stylish commercial interior design.

With good planning and designs, you’ll have a space that not only looks good but is functional, well equipped and organised.

Later, you’ll see the different types of commercial interior design. So that you can identify the right design that suits your business type.

Unlike residential interior design, commercial interior design is all about branding and creating the ambience. There is no limit on the interior design style since its main focus is to complement the product or service you are providing.

And the question is…

How do you stand out among your competitors?

You can bring out your business’ identity through a unique style. Its goal is to promote and enhance your business’s brand through a carefully designed look.

Here are the different types of commercial interiors and tips on how to create the perfect ambience for your business.


Retail is still one of the most popular business today. In this changing retail market, the desire for shop experience increases.

What do you mean?

It’s easy and cheaper to buy items online. But, more millennial cherish and invest in experience over items purchased. The millennial tell the world about their experience as they walked into your shop. Thus, the retail design plays a big part to ensure shoppers leave not just with products, but also memories.

The overall goal of the retail store is to provide an idea and reason for customers to experience and buy the products. If you’re planning a retail shop renovation in Singapore, you’ll want to make sure that the process runs smoothly.

A good example is the clothing brand, Zara. It utilizes a monochromatic colour scheme indicating modernity and simplicity in its tailored ready to wear clothes. Invest in quality display racks and hooks as they will last longer. It is vital to match the store’s interior to the product you are selling in terms of style, concept and pricing.

Beside letting your customers try out your products, you can organize live events in your shop to connect better. With good retail interior design, you can create open space with movable racks and space saving cabinets.


When designing a F&B’s interior, it is important to note what kind of cuisine you are preparing for your guests. Most restaurants pay homage to the country where its cuisine is from. So it’s best to take inspiration from the country itself.

A good example would be Thai cuisine. Incorporate elements of Thai design, such as intricate floral carvings and elephant symbols.

Another factor to consider is the foot traffic. Don’t just pack with the maximum seating capacity. Overcrowding can give your customer an unpleasant experience. Give feet space for your guests and staff to move around.

Lighting is another factor to consider, as it helps set the mood for diners. Warm yellow light set an intimate atmosphere, whereas daylight sets a more relaxed and casual mood. The overall goal of your restaurant is to provide a unique and authentic dining experience.


A good office interior design is not just about creating a beautiful space.

It’s also about making sure that the office is functional and meets the needs of the employees who work there.

When planning an office renovation, it’s important to work with an experienced office renovation contractor who can help you create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Also, keep in mind that the office is one of the first places potential customers will see, so it’s important to make a good impression.

The contractor should take into account factors such as the layout of the office, the type of work that will be done there, and the number of employees who will be using the space.

With their help, you can create an office interior that will make your employees feel comfortable and productive.


Schools and other educational institutes are designed to accommodate and provide a conducive environment for students and teachers.

The mood must be set in from the moment the student walks into the front desk. Create a wholesome and welcoming aura by providing a relaxing lounge to stay while checking in.

Choose materials and colours that are close to the theme of your establishment. For a fun school, opt for materials such as bright colours, cute pictures, smiling pictures and graffiti drawing.

It is crucial to make the overall design exuberate an exciting effect on your students and teachers.

Now, you have some ideas for your space. When it comes to executing the plans, we can help you. We are a team of engineers and designers who would be more than happy to help make your business a success.

We will walk you through the process of design from conceptualization up to the finished look. Contact us right now.

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