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Welcome to our renovation package 2024, designed exclusively for HDB resale and BTO flat homeowners in Singapore.

Discover a range of tailored packages to transform your space. Transparent, with no hidden costs. Explore now!


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bto renovation package opt out

BTO Renovation Package (OPT-OUT)

3 Room BTO $14,900 / 4 Room BTO $17,900 / 5 Room BTO $19,900

Our BTO renovation package is perfect for homeowners not opting for the HDB’s Optional Component Scheme (OCS). It’s designed for those entering a new HDB flat, looking to personalize it. This comprehensive package handles essentials like layout optimization and stylish fittings, ensuring both beauty and functionality. The result? A fully furnished dream home that reflects your style and comfort, hassle-free.

bto budget renovation package

BTO Budget Renovation Package

3 Room BTO $6900 / 4 Room BTO $7300 / 5 Room BTO $7500

When it comes to essential renovations, we understand the importance of staying within your budget. Our BTO budget renovation package is tailored for BTO homeowners who seek to make essential changes without breaking the bank.

This package is designed to cover the essentials, providing cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on quality. 

Experience the transformation of your essential spaces without the financial stress. With this package, you can achieve the changes you desire while maintaining your budgetary constraints, allowing you to enjoy an upgraded and comfortable living environment without overspending.

hdb resale renovation package

HDB Resale Renovation Package

3 Room Resale $ 29,800 / 4 Room Resale $ 34,800 / 5 Room Resale $ 35,800

Our resale renovation package is designed for homeowners looking to rejuvenate their cherished resale HDB flats. It’s perfect for those tired of their space’s worn-out appearance, dirty tile grouting, or living in homes that have remained in an old state since day one.

This comprehensive package covers it all, from demolishing outdated elements to refreshing layouts, modernizing fixtures, and transforming your resale home into a contemporary oasis of comfort and style.

When it’s complete, you’ll step into your newly revitalized sanctuary, where every detail reflects your personality and lifestyle. All of this is done without the stress of managing the process, so you can effortlessly rekindle the charm of your resale home.

resale kitchen

Resale Kitchen and 2 Toilet Renovation Package

3 Room $ 23,800 / 4 Room $ 24,800 / 5 Room $25,800

If you’re looking to save money while revitalizing your frequently used spaces, our kitchen and 2 toilet renovation package is tailored for you. It’s perfect for homeowners who appreciate cost-efficient solutions and want to renovate their kitchen and two bathrooms together.

This comprehensive package covers your kitchen and two bathrooms, addressing every detail from fixtures to layout optimization. Our goal is to transform these core areas into functional, stylish spaces that align with your busy lifestyle.

Step into a beautifully transformed home where your kitchen and bathrooms radiate modernity and practicality. By combining these renovations, you’ll save on costs and enjoy a harmonious living space designed for comfort, efficiency, and style.

kitchen renovation package

Kitchen Renovation Package

New Kitchen $4200 / Resale Kitchen $14,800

Are you tired of your well-worn kitchen, bearing the marks of years of hearty cooking? Do you find your cabinets stained, and the grouting yellowing with time? If you’re longing for a change, but want to focus specifically on your kitchen, our kitchen renovation package is crafted just for you.

This comprehensive package doesn’t just freshen things up; it transforms your kitchen. We’ll even take care of hacking and planning to make space for new appliances like a dishwasher and oven. Our goal is to ensure your kitchen becomes a functional and stylish hub that your family and guests will love.

Picture stepping into your revitalized kitchen – a place where cooking becomes a pleasure, and gatherings are a delight. You’ll feel a sense of pride in your new kitchen, bidding farewell to outdated, inefficient spaces. Say hello to a modern kitchen that truly resonates with your lifestyle, where every detail is designed with you in mind.

2 toilet renovation package

If you have two outdated bathrooms with issues like mold, stubborn stains, and missing grout due to water damage, our 2 Toilet Renovation Package is designed to transform these spaces with elegance.

This comprehensive package covers both bathrooms, addressing all issues from fixtures to layout optimization, ensuring they become inviting, functional, and stylish.

Step into revitalized bathrooms that exude elegance and functionality. Say goodbye to past issues, and you’ll no longer feel embarrassed when guests use your toilets. Enjoy delightful showers and an enhanced sense of pride in your beautifully renovated bathrooms.

kitchen renovation package

Maisonette Renovation Package

Starts from $60,000 onwards

Many homeowners of HDB executive maisonettes in Singapore struggle with messy, outdated interiors, and a lack of cohesion in design. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by clutter and frustrated by the inability to fully utilize the potential of your home. But fear not, because there’s a solution.

This comprehensive package is designed to address all your renovation needs, from optimizing space to modernizing design and enhancing comfort. You’ll not only enjoy a more functional and aesthetically pleasing home but also experience a newfound sense of pride and joy every time you walk through the door.

Imagine the transformation that will take place in your maisonette – from tired looking and cluttered to spacious and stylish. With clever storage solutions, modern design elements, and upgraded fixtures, your home will undergo a stunning makeover that exceeds your wildest expectations. Get ready to fall in love with your maisonette all over again.

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