Condo Renovation Package

If you’re looking for a condo renovation package, we have the perfect solution.

We provide interior design work for resale, old or executive condos in Singapore. Our team of designers will help you create an amazing space that’s tailored to your needs and budget. You’ll be able to enjoy your new home as soon as possible with our fast turnaround time!

With our expertise we will make sure that every detail is perfect for you. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience so that you can focus on living life instead of worrying about renovations. Let us do all the hard work for you!

condo renovation package

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Improve the value of your home

If you’re looking to renovate your condo, you know it can be stressful.

You have to find a responsible interior design firm that will do the work in time for when you need it done and on budget without cutting corners. It’s also important that they are good at what they do, so your place looks great after they’re finished with it.

We can help you realize the potential in your space

Well, our interior design service is not only affordable but also saves you time and energy in designing your new home. We take care of everything from start to finish so that all you do is enjoy life.

Find out more about our interior design services and let us help make your dream home come true.

Want to see the great renovations we’ve done? Check them out.

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Like What You Just Saw ?

Let Le Interi Design turn your design dreams into reality.

Why Choose Us?

The satisfaction of renovating a condo is in the details. A great renovation company will make the whole process enjoyable. Just sit back and relax while we handle all of those complex condo renovations for you.

Since 2011

If you’re looking for a top-quality interior design company, look no further. We’ve been around the block and we have over 10 years of experience successfully helping homeowners like yourself.

HDB license contractor

Our qualified team knows how to work in compliance with Singapore HDB’s stringent standards, and is therefore able to renovate not just houses but also condos.


Clear communication is important. We work closely with you from the start to the end. You’ll get photo & WhatsApp updates from us, informing you of the progress.

Single Point of Contact

Just one. You don’t have to talk to different ones during the whole condo renovation process.

Quality Work & Service

Our cost is reasonable for the best quality of work and service. Let us handle time-consuming tasks like collecting delivery for you too.
We can help you pick out the theme for your condo.. Talk to us today!
Making a house beautiful is no easy task.

That’s why we at Le Interi Design are here to help you.

We have the experts and resources necessary to give you everything that makes your home gorgeous.

Our Work Process

Our condo renovation services consist of a 3 stage process.



First, we start with a phone call or email. Followed by a meeting with you. The initial meeting is a great time to understand your requirements and condo layout.



Once you approve our quote & given the deposit, we’ll work out a schedule and design for you.



Our team will work closely with you to ensure everything proceeds as planned. You’ll know exactly on the renovation progress.

Got Some Questions ?

No worries! We can help you. Come and have a chat with us at our shop, drop us a message, whatsapp us or give us a call, and we’ll get you sorted out.


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