Are you looking for kitchen renovation?

With a better kitchen, you’ll enjoy preparing meals at home. The best part? It also creates a bonding with your family members.

Later, we’re going to show you three kitchen design style and tips to look out as you plan for your kitchen renovation.

When you see countertop cracks or a loose cabinet door squeak, it’s about time to face the truth. Your old kitchen has gone through so much that now, it is falling apart. You can’t possibly cook in your kitchen at the current state it is. It’s about time to have your kitchen renovated. You have saved for it but wait.

Where do you start?

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential in the kitchen. Otherwise, you invite ants and cockroaches. As such, homeowners and designers put in a lot of consideration to plan a kitchen. You want to make sure the kitchen is functional yet stylish.

First, ask yourself if you cook often. And the appliances and features you need. Do you need a kitchen that has copious amounts of storage? Or a kitchen with smart appliances? How about a kitchen that is clean and pleasing to look at? Or a kitchen that utilizes sustainable and quality materials?

That’s a lot to think of, right? But don’t worry. Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to doing your kitchen renovation

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself this question. What is your favourite design style?


Classical style is a popular choice in kitchen design. This style uses elements like curves, scrolls and heavily carved wood panels. It also uses stand-alone appliances like ovens and gas ranges. This style is popular with big houses like landed property. You can see a simplified version of the classical style in country style kitchens.

Materials for classical style include hardwoods like mahogany, maple, birch wood and teak. And utilize granite slabs for the countertops. Sometimes, an island counter is also incorporated in the overall look. It serves as both a food prep area and an additional dining area.

Homeowners who prefer this style tend to enjoy home cooking. And most suitable for intimate family bonding.


But some find the classical style too elaborate. If you prefer clean, straight lines and minimal décor, consider modern kitchen design.

Modern kitchen design uses neutral hues like white, grey, beige, black and the use of straight lines. It also uses materials like high-pressure laminate boards and granite stone slabs. It is also defined as a modular kitchen.


Because it’s composed of pre-built kitchen cabinets fitted together. They also like things built in to stick with the overall theme. So don’t be surprised that you will see cooktops, hoods and ovens integrated into the overall interior design.

Those who like this style are those who favour minimalist or contemporary style. And like the idea of embracing a trend that is both simple and adaptable. It’s popular in HDB and condo. This can be seen in the use of colourful backsplashes and rare plants and curios.


If you like masculine and experimental, consider the industrial kitchen type.

Such design tends to utilize materials like reclaimed wood, aged hardware and an open plan.

Industrial kitchens are great for those who enjoy the look of exposed metals. And the feel of a completely functional kitchen.

Best of all?

Industrial kitchens are suitable for both small kitchens to a big kitchen.


Once you’ve decided what type of interior design ideas you would like, the next thing you need to consider is your kitchen area.

  • Is it small? Is it big?
  • Does it take up a lot of space, or does it look like it can do more?
  • Is it near the dining room or is it too big that it can only accommodate a small dining space?
  • Is it near a window or is it in a small place?
  • Does it allow ample natural light, or does it need mood lighting?

And not just the kitchen area. The overall existing kitchen in general. Some questions for you:

  • Is the size perfect?
  • Do you want to add shelves or cabinets?
  • Is the plumbing, alright? Do you want to change the plumbing?
  • Do you want to change the countertop or do you want to add a breakfast nook?
  • Do you want to add an island for cooking or just an island for dining?

After all that is done, it’s time to take note of all the things you need and canvas. It is ideal for the canvas before executing the overall kitchen renovation.

If you are planning to buy new appliances, take note of the sizes of the old ones. For built-in modern style, give your contractor the dimensions of the appliances.

Homeowners often prefer buying the hardware and enhancements like tiles and fixtures themselves. Because it gives them the freedom to choose what they like and the opportunity to save.

Take a trip to your local hardware and DIY store. Sections are showcasing different variants of hardware that will compliment your needed renovation. And if you are lucky, you may be able to buy said items during a timely sale. Consider investing in quality materials, especially if you cook every day.


Now, how do you maintain your new kitchen? Or better yet, how do you keep it as spotless and as functional as ever?

  • Countertops with oil spills should immediately be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Periodically check if the faucet is firmly attached to the sink.
  • Invest in the right tile cleaning solution. For example, the backsplash has tiles as its accent. You will want to make sure no moulds are growing between the grout. Test your cleaning solution on a small area first. Because some chemicals may be harsh to your materials.
  • Always check for signs of leaks in your sink’s plumbing.
  • When chopping meat and other ingredients, invest in a good chopping board. That way, you will protect your countertop and provide quality meals.
  • When it comes to garbage, always have two separate trash bins. One for biodegradable wastes like leftover food and food stalks. The other for non-biodegradable like cans, plastics and papers. Keep these bins concealed to give your kitchen a clean look


An excellent way to pinpoint your dream kitchen is by looking for inspiration. You can find it either in magazines, Pinterest, internet, or during travelling. Search for as many ideas as you like. Once you have the inspiration, it’s time to go to a contractor. But not just any contractor.

You will need people who have experience in renovation design. That is why we here in Le Interi will guarantee that you will have your dream kitchen with our affordable kitchen renovation packages. We’ve engineers and designers with years of experience in the renovation business for Singapore home and commercial office design.

We believe that our clients deserve to come home to a warm and cosy kitchen. And to create such an ideal ambience will require not just our expertise, but an open mind from our clients as well.

So there you have it, things you need to know when you’re planning a kitchen renovation. It’s a lot to think about – the style and cost. But when you look at the end result, you will find it will be worth it. After all, who doesn’t want to cook tasty meals in a brand new kitchen? We certainly do.