It’s exciting to look at different interior designs. And you probably can’t settle on one design that you like the most. Because it all looks so good.

You’re going to see four popular interior designs and some practical tips.

Best of all?

You get a clearer picture of the interior design style you want.

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Interior design is the art of creating a space that is functional and beautiful. A good design is one that is easy to use for everyone and creates happiness.

During your research for design inspiration, expand your mind with various design styles. Be open. Make sure the design styles remain the same throughout the whole area. As you understand the different interior design styles, you also discover the designs you tend to like more. When you start to narrow down a few preferred styles, you’re able to choose one. Finally, apply the style to your condo, HDB or office.

Here are four popular interior designs:


This is a design style that originated in the Nordic region and is very popular right now. It is defined by functional and minimalistic pieces and natural elements. This style utilises muted and beige colours to maximise on the light available. And it uses materials like wicker and wood. The Scandinavian interior design also brings in a wide variety of indoor plants and fabrics like cotton to create a cosy space. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated interior design style that is minimalist but not to an extreme, then this is for you.


The bohemian design style uses a wide mix of colourful and patterned items to create a free-flowing vibe. Local crafts, artisanal and vintage items are all useful in this style. And many opt for this style due to this quality. This style is preferable if you like colourful and vibrant spaces. And have quite a few existing pieces that you would like to continue using.


Art Deco originated in Europe and the US, and is a style that is glamorous and opulent. It represents the Hollywood glamour and uses materials such as glass, metal, satin. And it finishes in gold to create the look. Geometric patterns are also widely used in this style. This style is a great one if you would like your space to look luxurious and grand.


Eclectic, as the word implies, is a mix of various styles. If you feel that sticking to one style is not your cup of tea, then you can opt to go for an eclectic feel. This style will mix and match furniture and elements from multiple styles. But, this is harder to create. And you should try to ensure that the spaces don’t look too cluttered with a mix of one too many items and styles.


Beyond these styles, there are many others which might suit your needs better. Putting the design style in your space is a process that interior design firm can help you. Before you do an office or home renovation, you can choose a style first. Or ask your renovation company to help you choose a style that works best with the items you have.

Our interior designers can help you identify the right style you want. Our extensive renovation experience makes it easy for us to guide you in this process. We focus on creating interior spaces that suit your needs and brings you joy.