Landed House Interior Design

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Need a new landed house interior design in Singapore?

With a bigger space, you have the freedom to create a beautiful & stylish landed interior design for your dream home.

You’ll find out the design considerations & ideas as you plan out different house areas.

Your residential landed property provides you with ample space and independence. It’s an area that allows for not just a home but also a garden or play area. It is ideal for families as the outdoor space is great for children and pets to play around safely. It also provides you with the joy of having a personal garden.

A landed house interior design involves looking at each space with your needs in mind. From a garden to the bedroom to the kitchen, each of the areas can be customised. Here a few things to consider before you start any renovation.


An entryway is a common feature in landed property, but in the homes where it is, it is important to design it well. As your guests will first enter into this open space, it has to be treated as the place to create the first impression.

The entryway has to be functional as shoes and umbrellas are stored here on entering. So, discreet storage methods are ideal.

Living Room

This is the room where you welcome and entertain your guests. Also, it’s the place where your family relax. The living room modern design should provide comfortable seating such as a sofa and armchairs. The layout of the room should be designed to encourage conversation.

Dining Area

The dining area is often an overlooked part of interiors. But, a good design can transform this into an area to enjoy family meals. If you have a lack of space and yet need a large dining area, you can look at tables that expand as needed. This expandable table allows for proper usage of space.

Choose rectangular and oval tables in large spaces. And circular and square ones in smaller rooms. A rectangular wooden table with slender chairs will match most styles and rooms. Add a centre piece, flowers or table runners to create an elegant contemporary look.


The kitchen is a regularly used part of the home, even if you don’t often cook. So make sure to choose the materials that go into it carefully. Beyond looking pleasing, a kitchen has to be extremely functional as well. If you stand for long hours, choose the flooring that is softer on your foot. And if you have young children or pets, opt for easily cleanable surfaces.


Bedrooms are spaces to wind down after a long day. So opt for designs that encourage relaxation. Also, choose good bedding as your sleep quality at night defines your energy the next day. Bedside tables can be separate or designed as a seamless unit attached to the bed.

When choosing bedroom lighting, make sure to add bedside lamps in warm white or yellow. While these allow for late night reading, they are also less obstructive to your sleep.

Kid’s Room

While deciding on the design for your child’s room, make sure to choose decor items that grow with them to avoid redoing the room often. Also, allow for a study or play space.

Use pops of bright colours and designs instead of large, brightly coloured walls. This can create a more relaxing space and can also be changed when your child outgrows them.


Bathroom designs are often quite versatile. So, you have a wide variety of choices available. Choose materials that don’t allow dirt to accumulate. And anti-skid flooring, especially for older members of your family.


Good interior design for your landed property is one that looks at each of the factors carefully. Our happy clients will tell you that our landed interior design is chosen with your ease in mind.

Our interior designers incorporate your design inspiration in your home and take care of each step in the process, from design to installation. After all, everyone deserves a home style designed to their liking.

Contact us today. Our friendly interior designers are more than happy to serve you.

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