Many people think home renovation is going to be very costly.

With good planning, you can have some saving.

Here’s how:
– Save time and tell your interior design firm the style you want
– Maximize your space with storage.
– Getting the right furniture.
– Reuse your existing furniture.

In short: if you want your home to look great with some saving, you’ll love these tips.

Your dream home interior design speaks about your preferences and lifestyle. When it comes to home renovation, the design is plenty. There are many design elements you can use to get that dream interior you always wanted. But, one can easily get overwhelmed from so many ideas that the result may cost more than what you intended.

But don’t worry. Here are a few home renovation tips that can help on your way to every renovation project you have.

1. Inspiration

The number one tip you need is to find what inspires you. Specifically, what is your style preference? This involves asking yourself what you want to achieve in your renovation project.

You may love the look of the classics like scrolls, French design, gilded elements and opulent furniture. Or you could be into the minimalist aesthetic like neutrals and straight lines.

A great way to get inspiration is by going for a walk and just looking around. You can even browse through home magazines and online site like Pinterest. Save photos of what inspires you and try to compile them in an inspiration or mood board. Make as much as you want and see which one suits your project.

This can also help your designer or contractor visualize your intended look.

2. Basic Repair

Sometimes, when a renovation starts, homeowners tend to overlook a few necessary repairs. And when that is overlooked, a lot of things can happen that will cause both delay and money.

So, before you set about your renovation project, make sure you have all the basics covered. This includes fixing whatever needs to be fixed; be it a crack in the wall or some lose wirings. That way, you are prepping the intended area for your renovation project.

3. Small Space, Big Impact

If you own a condo or an HDB, then these are essential tips. It’s a given that condos and HDBs have a standardised design and are quite small compared to a landed house. But that doesn’t mean your renovation plans are limited. Check out our BTO renovation package to find out more. It allows you to bring out its full potential.

4. Invest in Storage

The number one thing every condo needs is space for necessities like clothes and food. You need to maximize your small space by creating storage. There are many storage solutions. For example, furniture with built-in storage, tables with compartments for spices and food. And even built-in sofas with drawer storage.

5. Colours and Size

Believe it or not, colours can make even the smallest space look bigger and brighter. Besides, colours affect your mood too. Go for light colours such as pale yellows, blues, light beige and light greys.

Avoid dark colours as much as possible since it will darken the room and shrink it. If you are planning on using dark colours, use it as an accent.

The same principle applies if you are going to use wallpaper. Some wallpapers have prints and patterns. Go for wallpapers with muted prints and small patterns. Avoid big and bold prints.

6. Right Sized Furniture

This is a vital tip that is often overlooked when it comes to condo and hdb interior design.

Very often, homeowners tend to buy furniture that is too big to fit into the area. Why? Simply because they like it and would want it in the unit. If your space is small to begin with, and your goal is to make the most of it without compromising the space.

If you must buy furniture, consider the size. Most condos and HDBs utilize popular sizes. For example, a 4 to 6 seater dining set, a two-seater to a three-seater L shape sofa and for beds, a double size bed.

If your condo happens to be bigger than the other units, then you are more than free to buy bigger furniture. But if your condo is small, you may have to consider giving up one piece of furniture. Or getting furniture that has dual purposes like a sofa bed. Or a two-seater dining set that can extend to a four-seater.

7. One Project at a Time

Home renovations usually take more than a month per area. So as much as possible, limit your renovations one project at a time. If you renovate the entire house in one go, you will be advised to stay in another place until the renovation is done. That’s an additional expense that could be used for other renovations. Sometimes, you only need to renovate one area since the rest are still new and presentable. So prioritize what needs to be renovated first, and then once it’s done, you can go on to the next project and so on.

8. Reuse or Recycle

Sometimes, homeowners tend to make unnecessary expenses during a home renovation. They often buy a piece of furniture, when they still have an existing piece. And when that purchase is done, they are left with the dilemma of where to put it.

As much as it will be nice to have something new, it doesn’t necessarily you have to overhaul the entire look. See what can still be used in your new look.

If you have a sofa that you love very much but is torn and dirty, opt to have it reupholstered so that it looks brand new. Centre tables losing its stain? No problem. Just a fresh coat of wood stain and some embellishments and you have yourself a unique centre table.

Framed artwork out of style? Replace the pictures with pictures of your choosing. Doing this can help you save a lot of money.

9. Maintenance

With all that in mind, you’re more than ready to tackle your renovation. But wait. After all, that’s done, here is the biggest question of all. You have spent a fortune on renovating your home. How do you maintain it to get your money’s worth?

Cleaning the house once a week ensures that your interior will always be clean and fresh. If the air inside is a bit heavy, open a window to let fresh air in and circulate all around the room.

You can even make cleaning a family activity if you have children. Do a little vacuuming around the house to reduce dust. And you can add a refreshing scent by using a humidifier. And let an essential oil circulate all around the house.

Mop the floors twice a week for that extra sheen. You can even make the furniture look new by simply wiping furniture polish all over. Do this for once a week.


So there you have it. Renovating your home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot to achieve the dream interior. It’s all about perception, practicality and perseverance.

Excited to start, but don’t know where to? That’s where we come in.

We at LE Interi have done so many home renovations projects from HDB homes, condo to landed houses. We will walk you through our process of design and together. Let us come up with a unique and stylish home renovation.

Our goal is to provide exceptional service and help you achieve your ideal home interior. And with our team of designers and architects, we assure you that your project is in excellent hands.