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Trending Home Decor Items 2024: Discover Stylish Finds

by | Jan 5, 2024

In 2024, the global home décor market boasts a significant revenue of US$128.70 billion, emphasizing the increasing importance placed on creating personalized and visually appealing living environments.

Beyond aesthetics, this surge in home decor interest plays a vital role in enhancing mental well-being and adapting spaces to the flexible demands of the work-from-home lifestyle.

The industry is witnessing a surge in demand for sustainable and eco-friendly home decor products, showcasing a widespread dedication to environmentally conscious living.

With that, here are 13 trending home decor products today.

Bouclé Chair

A bouclé chair is a stylish and cozy seating option featuring a textured, looped yarn fabric known for its softness and warmth.

It is not only popular in chairs but extends its allure to beds, sofas, armchairs and benches, offering a cohesive and stylish way to integrate this trendy material throughout various furniture pieces.

chart boucle chair

5 year search growth: 4450%

Search volume: 60.5k

Average pricing: $208.54

boucle chair
The bouclé chair serves as a chic focal point in any room, effortlessly blending comfort with aesthetics. Its soft texture adds warmth, while the modern design enhances the overall visual appeal of the space, making it a versatile and coveted addition to contemporary home interiors.

Togo Sofa

The Togo sofa, a classic design by Michel Ducaroy and manufactured by Ligne Roset, is celebrated for its unparalleled comfort and distinctive style.

Crafted entirely from 3 density polyurethane foam, it stands as a historic and iconic piece of furniture with its innovative and original design.

chart togo sofa

5 year search growth: 314%

Search volume: 74k

Average pricing: $306.55

product togo sofa

Integrating the Togo sofa into your home adds a touch of design history and unparalleled comfort. With its distinctive low profile, modular elements, and a wide range of upholstery options, the Togo Sofa adapts effortlessly to various decor styles, contributing a blend of functionality and iconic design to your living space.

Fluted Glass

Fluted glass refers to glassware distinguished by vertical grooves or ridges running up and down the sides of the glass, creating a distinctive and textured appearance.

In addition to its decorative appeal, fluted glass is often chosen for its ability to refract light in intriguing ways, creating mesmerizing patterns and enhancing the play of light and shadow within a space.

chart fluted glass

5 year search growth: 395%

Search volume: 40.5k

Average pricing: $25.15

product fluted glass
The inclusion of fluted glass in your home adds a touch of sophistication and visual intrigue. Whether as drinkware, vases, or decorative pieces, the vertical lines create a play of light and shadows, elevating the overall ambiance of your space with a timeless and stylish allure.

Textured Wall Art

Textured wall art involves pieces that go beyond traditional flat surfaces, incorporating varied textures and materials to create visually dynamic and tactile decor.

Beyond its visual and tactile appeal, textured wall art often incorporates a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, or fabric, adding depth and complexity to the artwork.

chart textured wall art

5 year search growth: 400%

Search volume: 18.1k

Average pricing: $66.41

product textured wall art
Textured wall art transforms your living spaces by adding a tactile dimension to the visual aesthetics. Whether through abstract sculptures, fabric-based pieces, or mixed-media creations, these artworks not only catch the eye but also invite touch, creating a multisensory and personalized atmosphere within your home.

Japandi Wall Art

Japandi wall art is a style that fuses Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, featuring simplicity, minimalism, and a focus on natural materials.

The uniqueness of Japandi wall art lies in its harmonious balance between the warm, cozy elements of Scandinavian design and the refined simplicity of Japanese aesthetics.

chart japandi wall art

5 year search growth: 400%

Search volume: 2.4k

Average pricing: $32.98

product japandi wall art

Japandi wall art enhances home decor by bringing a calming and balanced atmosphere. Its minimalistic yet impactful designs contribute to a cohesive and tranquil living space, creating a bridge between two distinctive design philosophies.

Living Wall

A living wall is a vertical garden attached to a wall, featuring an arrangement of live plants or greenery, creating a visually striking and eco-friendly display.

Inspired by the concept of biophilic design, living walls draw inspiration from nature, aiming to bring the outdoors inside and create a healthier and more visually appealing living environment.

chart living wall

5 year search growth: 12%

Search volume: 14.8k

Average pricing: $36.89

product living wall
A living wall serves as a living artwork, adding a touch of nature to indoor spaces. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it contributes to improved air quality, fostering a sense of well-being and connectivity with the natural world.

Slat Wall Panel

A slat wall panel is a wall covering with horizontal slats or grooves, bringing a modern and versatile design element to interiors.

While slat wall panels are stylish, it’s worth noting that the horizontal grooves can make them a bit challenging to maintain, as they may accumulate dust more visibly than smooth surfaces. Regular cleaning is essential to keep them looking pristine.

chart slat wall panel

5 year search growth: 575%

Search volume: 360

Average pricing: $150.71

product slat wall panel
Integrating slat wall panels into your home design adds a sleek and dynamic element. Whether used as an accent wall, room divider, or even a backdrop for shelves, these panels provide a subtle yet impactful texture, creating visual interest and a sense of sophistication within your living spaces.

Mushroom Lamp

A mushroom lamp is a whimsical and unique lighting fixture that typically features a cap-shaped shade and a slender stem, resembling the silhouette of a mushroom.

Some mushroom lamps feature adjustable brightness levels or color-changing capabilities, allowing users to customize the lighting ambiance according to their preferences or the mood of the space.

chart mushroom lamp

5 year search growth: 809%

Search volume: 110k

Average pricing: $28.44

product mushroom lamp
The mushroom lamp contributes a touch of enchantment to your home decor. Its soft, diffused glow creates a cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal addition to bedrooms, living rooms, or any space where you seek a delightful blend of functionality and whimsy.

Wavy Mirror

A wavy mirror is a decorative mirror featuring a non-traditional, undulating shape, often with curves or waves along the edges, adding a contemporary and artistic touch.

Beyond the classic wavy mirror design, variations such as Ultrafragola, Funky, Asymmetrical, and Affirmations mirrors showcase the diversity in styles, from bold asymmetry to motivational messaging, offering unique choices to suit various decor preferences.

chart wavy mirror

5 year search growth: 925%

Search volume: 33.1k

Average pricing: $58.79

product wavy mirror
Adding a wavy mirror into your home decor elevates the aesthetic of any space. Beyond serving a practical purpose, these mirrors become eye-catching focal points, reflecting light in interesting ways and contributing a modern, artistic flair to your interior design scheme.

Decorative Tray

A decorative tray serves as an aesthetically pleasing accessory, designed primarily for display or ornamental purposes rather than practical use.

Some decorative trays feature innovative designs, incorporating built-in compartments or modular elements, allowing for creative and customizable arrangements of decorative items.

chart decorative tray

5 year search growth: 1086%

Search volume: 33.1k

Average pricing: $22.18

product decorative tray
Placing decorative trays into your home decor brings a touch of elegance and organization. Whether showcasing candles, small decor items, or serving as a stylish centerpiece, these trays add a layer of sophistication to your living spaces while helping maintain a clutter-free and curated look.

Tufted Rug

A tufted rug is a floor covering made by punching yarn or fabric through a fabric backing, creating a raised, textured pile often used for its softness and intricate designs.

Tufted rugs are versatile not just in design but also in their ability to blend various materials, such as combining natural fibers like wool with synthetic materials, offering a balance between comfort and durability.

chart tufted rug

5 year search growth: 68%

Search volume: 33.1k

Average pricing: $45.85 

product tufted rug
A tufted rug is a versatile and cozy addition to your home. Beyond providing warmth underfoot, its textured surface and varied patterns contribute to the visual richness of a room. Whether in a living room, bedroom, or even a home office, a tufted rug enhances comfort while adding a touch of luxury and personality to your space.

Stone Bath Mat

A stone bath mat is a bathroom accessory crafted from durable stone material, designed to offer a non-slip surface and efficient water absorption.

Inspired by natural elements like river rocks and pebbles, the design of stone bath mats brings the serenity of outdoor landscapes into bathroom decor.

chart stone bath mat

5 year search growth: 1900%

Search volume: 33.1k

Average pricing: $32.12 

product stone bath mat
In home decor, a stone bath mat introduces an earthy and spa-like ambiance, elevating the bathroom’s aesthetic with its natural texture and durability while providing a functional and stylish element.

Fluted Cabinet

A fluted cabinet is a distinct type of storage furniture characterized by vertical grooves or flutes on its surface, creating a textured and decorative element.

Inspired by classical architectural elements, the design of fluted cabinets draws on historical influences, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary interior aesthetics.

chart fluted cabinet

5 year search growth: 740%

Search volume: 2.9k

Average pricing: $237.58

product fluted cabinet
Fluted cabinets serve as eye-catching statement pieces, introducing texture and style to a room. Whether used for storage or as a focal point, their unique design enhances the overall aesthetic

Wrap Up

And there you have it—the latest scoop on trending home decor products that’s making waves.

People are drawn to new and creative home decor items. It’s interesting, sometimes the most aesthetically pleasing items may not have the most practical use, but you can’t deny the happiness they bring when you walk into your home after a tiring day at work.

And here’s the real magic – beyond just looking good, a well-designed home becomes a daily retreat, a place that lifts your mood and adds that extra sprinkle of joy to your life.

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