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office renovation contractor in Singapore

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Why do You Need Office Renovation?

With a new design and interior layout, your entire office will feel like it has a whole new look. This fresh design will refocus your office and give your employees the motivation to come into work again.

Many businesses today are competing with each other for new customers, and they need an edge to stand out.

A new modern looking office impresses clients and potential investors.
The current seating arrangement does not work for your team as it grows. You may remodel your office area to suit the expansion and make it useful for everyone with good office planning.
Affordable and high quality renovation

Wide Range of Office Renovation Services

Our designers specialize in commercial renovation, creating stylish, contemporary, and professional office spaces. Here are some of the most frequent office spaces we can create.

meeting room and door installation

Meeting Room and Door Installation

A great meeting area must be planned with care. There are many things you need to think about when you design your office. For example, is it big enough for all the people in your meetings? You need to make sure that people outside can’t hear what is going on inside.

Glass Panel

Glass paneling is one of the most popular choices for professional offices. It allows natural light to enter, brightens up the space, and give the impression of a more open office. They can be installed to replace existing walls, doors, or windows.

meeting room and door installation

Office Furniture

Your new design will not be complete without the furniture that it needs. The furniture gives your design life and makes it functional. We can do full or partial installations of new, used, or existing pieces. Our team will work with you to understand your needs before pricing out a plan that suits your budget.

Flooring Works

Installing new flooring is a great way to create the office you’ve always wanted. They add style and elegance to your office. There are many kinds of flooring that you can consider. Carpets are inexpensive and good at absorbing sound. Tiles have a high-gloss sheen to them. Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of patterns. Epoxy flooring is sturdy enough for use of heavy equipment.

Some of Our Work

meeting room and door installation


Choose between the ceiling grid system or false ceiling. Grid ceiling gives the room a more industrial look. False ceiling is a more modern look and can be used to hide the existing lights, ducts, or pipes in the ceiling. They are also good at concealing the air conditioning units to give a more uniform look in your office space.

Reception Area Design

A reception area is the first impression prospective clients get of you and your business. It should be welcoming , stylish, and professional. We can design your reception area that will make your clients impressed.

meeting room and door installation

Electrical Works

We can install electrical works to suit your new layout. A skilled electrical engineer must install the wiring and sockets in the walls, ceiling, and floor. This provides power to all areas of your office space as needed by your work environment.


Lighting is a key element of any office space. We can install the type of lighting that you want in your work environment. We offer a lot of different types of lighting. You can choose if you want regular fluorescent tube lights, high efficiency LED lights, or something else.

We can help you pick out the theme for your office.. Talk to us today!

Making an office beautiful is no easy task.

That’s why we at Le Interi Design are here to help you.

We have the experts and resources necessary to give you everything that makes your office modern.

meeting room and door installation

Demolish and Reinstatement

If you have to leave your workplace or if your lease has ended, you need to return it into the original state. We can take down and reinstate any wall in your office space.


Partitioning is a great way to separate space without losing functionality. We can put cubicles in the office or divide up existing space so that people can work more privately.

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