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small office pantry design
small office pantry design
small office pantry design

About This Project

Step into our latest cafe interior design project, where we’ve fused modern style with a touch of nature to create a space that’s not only easy on the eyes but also perfect for your coffee and snack cravings.

🚪 The Entrance: As you walk in, the cafe welcomes you with full-height glass doors, giving you a peek inside. It’s like bringing the outside in, with plenty of natural light.

😋 Ordering Area: Right there, you’ll find a crisp white counter with a splash of green where you place your orders and check out the tempting food. It’s not just pretty; it’s practical too, with a coffee maker and all the accessories you need. Three hanging lights add that extra touch of charm.

🗄️ Behind the Scenes: Behind the counter, there’s a handy beige cabinet for storage and prepping food. It’s like the cafe’s secret helper, keeping things organized and out of sight.

👣 The Ground Beneath Your Feet: The floor is a blend of warm, neutral colors. It’s comfy and easy to clean, thanks to a vinyl surface in a cozy brownish-grey shade.

💺Comfy Seating: The cafe’s heart is long, custom-made wooden seats, nestled among green plants. It’s like having a mini garden while you enjoy your snacks. Hints of light orange give the seating area a warm and inviting vibe.

🆒Ceiling and Cool Breezes: Look up, and you’ll see an industrial-style ceiling with modern air conditioning units hanging around. It’s not just for show; it keeps the place comfy, and cool industrial-style lights add a touch of character.

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  • Modern Contemporary Theme
  • Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Hacking, Glass
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