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small office pantry design
small office pantry design
small office pantry design
small office pantry design
small office pantry design

About This Project

In our latest bungalow interior design project, we have redefined luxury and comfort, blending modern aesthetics with functional elegance. This project showcases our dedication to crafting spaces that resonate with our clients’ dreams and exceed their expectations.

🚪 Entrance & Doorway: As you step into the bungalow, you are greeted by an exquisite wooden ceiling parquet that sets the tone for warmth and elegance. A sleek black ceiling fan above complements the spacious car area, designed to accommodate up to three cars seamlessly. To the side, a serene fish pond with rock brick texture and four dragon head sculptures offers a tranquil welcome, blending natural elements with artistic design.

⛩️Entrance Hall: The entrance hall is a statement of sophistication, featuring a large feature wall with polished white and grey-lined tiles. Adjacent, a white cabinet elegantly houses a Chinese altar, reflecting our client’s cultural heritage and personal taste.

🛋️Living Area: The living room is a marvel of architectural beauty, boasting a two-story high ceiling that enhances the sense of space and luxury. A lavish sofa sits near full-height windows, offering unobstructed views of the surroundings. The space is anchored by a white oval tabletop, adding to the room’s chic and airy ambiance.

🍽️Dining Area: Designed for memorable gatherings, the dining area features a classy round table capable of seating eight, surrounded by big, comfortable chairs. Above, five drop-down lights cast a warm glow, highlighting the room’s sophisticated palette. The dry kitchen countertop and a massive feature wall elevate the space, merging functionality with high-end design.

🍳Kitchen: The kitchen is a masterpiece of efficiency and style, with black cabinets and matching black graphite appliances creating a sleek look. Square ceiling air conditioning and strategically placed downlights ensure comfort and visibility, reflecting our commitment to blending aesthetic appeal with practicality.

🎬Entertainment Room: The entertainment room is the epitome of fun and relaxation, equipped with a purple LED-lit bar top counter for karaoke and play, custom cabinets near the countertop for storage, and a floating TV console under a massive TV screen. This room is designed to be the heart of entertainment within the home, offering a stylish yet comfortable retreat for family and friends.

This bungalow interior design project is a testament to our firm’s ability to transform spaces into bespoke sanctuaries of style and comfort. We invite potential clients to explore the possibilities with us, as we turn your vision into a stunning reality.

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  • Modern Contemporary Theme
  • Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Hacking, Glass
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