Muji Interior Design: A Spotless, Modern Home

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If you want a spotless, modern home in the Muji style, then this article is for you.

We will go through Muji interior design and show you how to create your perfect Muji style home.

What is Muji Interior Design?

Muji interior design is inspired by the company Muji.

It is a Japanese retail company that produces housewares, furniture, clothing, cosmetics, and various lifestyle products.

They’re famous for their minimalist, modern design aesthetic. It gives a high quality design with minimal decoration.

Is Muji Design a Minimalist?

The main difference between Muji and minimalism design is that minimalism does not design around function.

It focuses on clean lines rather than practicality or aesthetic appeal to create an airy space with no clutter.

Understand the Essence of Muji Interior Design

Muji-inspired homes create an atmosphere of calm, peaceful harmony.

It has a simple, slim appearance with white walls and bright accent colors to create a bright space.

No matter what material you use, it should be sleek, clean and practical in its style.

How to achieve a MUJI theme

Achieving a Muji design is an art form.

It takes more than just picking out some furniture, hanging some pictures on the wall, or adding some plants to your home.

You need to take into consideration every single detail of how you live and what you like.

1. Keep the Colour Scheme Light

Muji design uses light colors to keep your home bright.

You can achieve this with natural light coming in through your windows. You can also add brightness with large mirrors and white walls.

Muji colour palette

2. Natural Wood Furniture

One of the best ways to get Muji design is with natural wood furniture.

Solid wooden tables, chairs and cabinets are a mainstay for Muji design. They provide a simple, basic look that will never go out of style.

It should be functional and add practical value to your home.

3. Ample Storage

Ample storage is another thing you need to consider. Muji style focuses on keeping your home neat and organized, so there must be ample storage for all your belongings.

You can do this with built-in cabinets and shelves, or you can have large floor to ceiling storage cabinets.

4. Use Sliding Doors

Sliding doors also give the feeling of more space because they open up the room.

This helps connect spaces and make your living room look open and inviting to guests or family members.

It also adds the aesthetic of having separate rooms. This is perfect for small space living.

5. Accessories That Add the Final Touch

Accessories are another important part of Muji theme.

It takes the minimalist look to an even more streamlined, elegant level. You can do this with clean lines and a simple design.

If you cannot decide between two similar items, always prioritize quality over brands.

These accessories can include:

  • Vases for flowers
  • Cushions to make the seating more comfortable
  • Day curtains for light to come in
  • Plants help add a touch of nature to your home and make it feel fresh, alive and relaxing.
  • Artwork and other personal items
  • Wall décor such as clocks and pictures
  • Carpets for extra warmth, color, and texture.

The Bottom Line

Muji interior design is the perfect way to create a simple, clean and modern home. It has been designed around function.

If you want a stylish home without all the clutter, Muji design is perfect for your needs. Just ask a qualified Singapore interior design company to transform your space.

It’s time you take the leap into a fresh new look without taking on more clutter. What do you think?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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