The Elements of Contemporary Interior Design

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The elements of contemporary interior design are what make up the look and feel of your home.

To create space, you need to know about colours, textures, patterns, furnishings and other things.

Read on for some helpful tips on getting started with modern decorating.

What Is Contemporary Interior Design?

Contemporary interior design is about making a living space that is both comfortable and stylish. It reflects the current times. This style borrows elements from different design styles, including modern, minimalist and traditional.

As such, contemporary interiors typically feature neutral palettes, curved lines, and prominent minimalism. While this look can be achieved using any number of materials and finishes, natural elements are often used to add warmth and character.

If you want a design that is both current and timeless, then contemporary interior design might be the best choice for you.

What are The Elements of Contemporary Design?

Contemporary design is a difficult style to define. It is usually made with clean lines and the use of color and texture.

There are some defining features to keep in mind if you want your home to reflect this look.

1. Colour Palette

The contemporary design is best described by the arrangement of colors. Colour can be different shades of the same hue where they complement each other. The use of these colors can come from art pieces or furniture. This will give your space character and personality.

Contemporary designers typically prefer a clean and simplistic color palette. Neutral colors like white, black and gray are most popular with this decorating style. Sometimes they also have bolder colors in the design, like red, green and blue.

When selecting colours for your contemporary design, it is important to remember that less is more. This look should be sleek, simple and edited. This means that too many colours can take away from the overall appearance.

2. Texture and Pattern

Texture is an important element in contemporary design. While sleek lines and minimalism are key features, a touch of texture can add interest and depth to a space.

Patterns are also popular in contemporary design, and can be used to add visual interest or to create a sense of cohesion.

For example,

  • Use of Natural Materials: wood, stone, metal
  • Textured Wallpaper: grasscloth, velvet
  • Geometric Patterns: simple shapes like squares and rectangles in neutral colors
  • Monochromatic Patterns: one color with different textures

3. Materials

When it comes to renovating your home, there are endless choices of materials and finishes to choose from. It can be overwhelming to decide on the best options for your space.

When selecting materials for your contemporary design, it may help to keep in mind the following tips:


  • Select neutral colours and finishes so that they go with any future d├ęcor updates.
  • Use natural elements like stone or wood to add warmth and personality.
  • Keep patterns simple so as not to detract from the overall appearance of the space.
  • Think about using texture to add interest and depth to the design.

3. Finishes

When it comes to finishing, contemporary designers often prefer sleek or simple options.

They might have polished concrete, marble, granite countertops or stainless steel appliances. These finishes can help to create a modern and minimalist look in your space.


  • Walls: painted, papered or clad in wood panelling or natural stone like marble and granite.
  • Floors: hardwood flooring is popular as it adds warmth to a cold and neutral palette. Carpet is also common in contemporary design, but it can add a sense of visual interest to the space. Tiles and stone floors are great for bathrooms or dining spaces that need to withstand moisture.
  • Furniture: Get furniture with sleek lines with minimal ornamentation. Look for simple shapes and natural materials like wood, metal or stone.
  • Lighting: often sleek and simple with a modern edge; look for fixtures made from metal or glass.
  • Windows: Make use of neutral fabrics in light colors. You can also use day light curtains or translucent window treatments to allow natural light into the space.
  • Accessories: these can include artwork, plants or vases that are modern in shape and colour.

What is Modern Contemporary Interior Design

Modern contemporary design is the reflection of modern art movements. It’s based on all aspects of classic design, but with a modern touch.

Unlike older styles, this style is usually more minimalistic and sleek with the use of natural materials like wood, metal or stone.

Modern vs Contemporary interior design

Modern and contemporary design styles are both popular right now. What is the main difference between them?


  • Modern contemporary design is mix of natural materials. You might see stone, wood, and leather used together to create a warm and inviting space. In contemporary design, industrial-inspired elements are usually paired with traditional materials. For example, you can pair concrete or steel with wood or fabric.
  • Decorative items often have a purpose in modern design, whereas the focus is on aesthetics with contemporary. Think of how you might decorate your home . If you prefer modern, then decorative pieces will be functional or practical (like storage). Contemporary style may use art as decoration for example.
  • Modern design typically follows a strict format of minimalism, balance, and clean lines. Contemporary design takes inspiration from different eras. It mixes traditional with modern styles to create something new.
  • Furniture is another big difference between these two styles. Modern furniture favors straight and strong lines, whereas contemporary pieces are bit curvier.
  • There is also a big difference in the colors used in these two styles. Modern spaces are decorated with plenty of natural and warm neutrals, like browns, beiges and greys. Contemporary spaces can swing from one extreme to the other, using bold pops of color against a neutral backdrop or vice versa.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this article has helped you understand more about contemporary interior design. If you’re considering a renovation project, we’d love to hear from you. Our team of Leinteri designers can help to bring new life into your home or office space.

What are some of your favorite elements about this decor? Do you find any aspects of it intimidating or hard to manage?

Leave us a comment with what you think.

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